About us

The Destata group is one of the leading manufacturers of sheet metal processing, metal wall cladding, metal accessories and metalworking in Lithuania. We provide an innovative integrated security system for reefer-trailers with revolving doors.

Our company has had long experience in working with the Swedish metallurgical concern, SSAB EMEA AB, and understands the requirements, regulations and demands of metal processing. The security system is based on the long-term professional experience we’ve gained while working with electronics and programming experts, state-of-the-art simulation engineers, and the employment of the latest technological achievements in science with regard to those applied in the mechanics and manufacturing of sensors and sensing devices.

The innovative direction of the company is focused on the design, manufacture and installation of specialty security locks for freight vehicles: reefer-trailers, box-trailers and marine containers.

There can never be too much safety when transporting high value goods. Therefore, you can choose a safety solution from our already existing products or we can develop and create individual products or security solutions that most closely satisfy your requirements.

We believe that our success is based on the highest level of customer service, excellent quality of goods, a flexible settlement system, our constantly growing range of products, convenient and quick delivery of goods, and a permanent and pleasant relationship with our clients – We are proud of our achievements and look forward to working with you.