Fuel tank security


We introduce a smart truck fuel tank security system to protect against fuel theft. This system protects not only the fuel tank plug, fuel collector, but also the bonnet. The alarm system is designed to be fitted to any towing vehicle manufacturer, is easy to install and compatible with any towing vehicle security system. The smart control module used in the alarm system protects the sensors against external influences, and the integrated siren with autonomous power supply also protects in case of power failure.


  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • One touch control system informs the driver in
    a simple and clear way about the system status
    via LEDs which are controlled on the remote
    control (on / off, open closed, trigger memory)
  • The system can be connected to any
    monitoring system

Protected parts

  • Protected openings, fuel tank plug, fuel
    collector, bonnet
  • GSM / GPS monitoring of opening parts

Sensor protection

  • Sensors protected from external
    magnetic field
  • Controlled sensor signal level protects the
    cable from shearing
  • Self-powered siren